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Melek Taus and Seven Angels Yazidi Temple

Location: Aknalich Village, Armavir Province, Armenia
Type: Religious/Yazidi Temple
Client: Mirza Sloyan
Appointment: 2015
Completion: 2019
Area: 350 sqm
Height: 25 m
Status: 🟢 Realized

Embark on a spiritual journey to the heart of Aknalich village, where the grandeur of the world's largest Yazidi temple, named "Melek Taus and Seven Angels," unfolds. Crafted with luminous white marble, this architectural marvel stands as a beacon of religious devotion and artistic splendor.

The temple is adorned with rich and intricate geographical ornaments, a testament to the cultural heritage and spiritual significance of the Yazidi faith. Seven majestic domes grace the structure, each symbolizing celestial harmony and the reverence for Melek Taus and the Seven Angels.

As the largest of its kind globally, this Yazidi temple not only serves as a place of worship but also as a cultural landmark, inviting visitors to witness the seamless fusion of spiritual devotion and architectural brilliance in the picturesque setting of Aknalich village.

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