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Quality oriented, family owned.

Ghulyan Architects is Yerevan based company and family of architects
led by Artak Ghulyan.


Artak Ghulyan



Born in 1958.

Graduated from the Yerevan Polytechnic Institute (YPI).

Doctor of Architecture, Honoured Architect of the Republic of Armenia, Laureate of State Award of the Republic of Armenia.


Artak Ghulyan adeptly combines research endeavors with creative pursuits. He is the author of the book "Princely Palaces in Artsakh and Syunik" and has contributed to numerous scientific publications on the theory and history of Armenian architecture. As a foremost authority in the restoration of monuments, Ghulyan has demonstrated a profound expertise in the field. A laureate of creative competitions, the author of numerous significant religious buildings both in Armenia and internationally. A master of ornamental and monumental art.


Mushegh Ghulyan


Born in 1987.

Graduated from the Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction (YSUAC). Master of Architecture.

Meet an architect who seamlessly intertwines modernity with tradition in their drawings of residential and public buildings. Mushegh Ghulyan embraces new and captivating forms while remaining rooted in architectural traditions. The result is a harmonious blend of innovation and heritage, where modernity gracefully coexists with timeless design principles.


Marianna Karapetyan


Born in 1988.

Graduated from the Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction (YSUAC). Master of Architecture.

Marianna's passion lies in creating inviting spaces with a warm, cozy ambiance. Her designs exude elegance and timelessness, as she artfully combines comfort with a touch of sophistication. Transforming interiors into havens of style and comfort, she brings a timeless charm to every project.

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