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Cathedral of the Holy Martyrs

Location: Shengavit District, Yerevan, Armenia
Type: Religious, Cultural
Client: Samvel Karapetyan
Appointment: 2014
Area: 1,200 sqm
Height: 60 m
Status: Discontinued
Award: 🏆 Closed Project Competition/First Prize

Discover a monumental symbol of reverence and remembrance in Komitas Park — a colossal cathedral dedicated to the canonized martyrs of the Armenian Genocide. Crafted with pristine white marble, this architectural marvel seamlessly blends Armenian modest ornaments with a modern aesthetic.

The cathedral stands proud with its distinguished design, featuring four chapels and a commanding dome that reaches towards the heavens. The exterior is adorned with subtle yet meaningful Armenian ornaments, paying homage to the cultural and historical context.

Having been awarded the first prize in a closed project competition, this cathedral is not just a structure but a testament to the poignant connection between art, history, and spirituality. It stands as a beacon of remembrance, inviting all to reflect on the solemn legacy of the Armenian Genocide in a place that seamlessly marries tradition with contemporary design.

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