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Old Khndzoresk Wine House

Location: Khndzoresk Village, Syunik Province, Armenia
Type: Commercial/Visit Center, Restaurant
Client: Senik Julhakjan
Appointment: 2019
Status: 🟡 Under Construction

Nestled at the edge of the historic Old Khndzoresk village, overlooking the picturesque estuary, stands a charming Wine House and Restaurant. Embracing the architectural heritage of Syunik's traditional houses, this establishment is a fusion of old-world charm and contemporary allure. Wooden balconies adorned with intricate details invite patrons to unwind in a warm and rustic ambiance. The presence of an amphitheater enhances the experience, offering a unique space for events and gatherings. Indulge in a journey that seamlessly blends tradition, gastronomy, and scenic beauty in this delightful wine house and restaurant.

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