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Kasakh Private House

Location: Kasakh Village, Kotayk Province, Armenia
Type: Residential/Private House
Client: Movsesyan and Partners Construction LTD
Appointment: 2021
Area: 270 sqm
Stories: 2
Materials: Red tufa, painted metal, concrete
Status: Discontinued

Step into the distinctive charm of a two-story luxury residence, where every detail tells a story of unique character and sophistication. Crafted with a captivating fusion of tufa stone and concrete, this home exudes contemporary elegance with a nod to Armenian traditional forms.

The exterior showcases a harmonious blend of textures and materials, creating an eye-catching facade that stands out in its uniqueness. As you step inside, the warm ambiance pervades every corner, offering a welcoming atmosphere that seamlessly integrates with the architectural richness of the space.

With its warm tones, thoughtful design, and a touch of cultural heritage, this residence is not just a house but a testament to the artistry of blending modern luxury with the timeless appeal of Armenian tradition. Welcome to a home where character reigns and every element tells a captivating story of refined living.

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