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Center of Archaeological Tourism

Location: Taronik Village, Armavir Province, Armenia
Type: Public/Visit Center
Client: UNDP Armenia
Area: N/A
Stories: 1-2
Status: Project

Situated in the village of Taronik, the old mill is undergoing a transformation into a Center of Archaeological Tourism. It is positioned next to the Metsamor Historical and Archaeological Reserve Museum.

Little is known about the historical background of the mill. It is presumed to have been constructed around 1730-1732, potentially in conjunction with or shortly after the reservoir's establishment. The mill operated until the 1930s, and despite a partial restoration effort in the mid-1980s aimed at transforming it into a public catering establishment, the project never came to fruition.

The ongoing reconstruction project for the mill building intends to preserve both the original and later added structures. Design elements with geometric shapes, crafted from metal sheets, will be incorporated into the doors, windows, and the two-sloped roof, creating a captivating architectural expression when combined with the rugged stone. Wooden columns and pergolas are planned for the exhibition building of the old mill.

Post-reconstruction, the building is poised to serve museum visitors, contributing to the growth of archaeological tourism in Armenia. Beyond exploring the mill itself, visitors will have the chance to delve into practical archaeology, uncover the history of Armavir region's ancient sites, and enjoy recreational amenities provided on-site.

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