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Cascade Park Residence

Location: Kentron District, Yerevan, Armenia
Type: Residential/Residential Building
Client: Royal Building LTD
Appointment: 2019
Start of Construction: 2023
Area: 12,800 sqm
Apartment Areas: 64-380sqm
Stories: 3-9
Materials: Concrete, felsite, painted metal, wooden decks
Status: 🟡 Under Construction

Witness the harmonious blend of luxury and tradition within this exceptional residential masterpiece. Gracefully ascending across nine floors, each level adorned with charming terraces, this architectural gem reverently pays homage to the essence of traditional Armenian residential design. Meticulously selected felsite facades not only enhance the building's allure but also establish a seamless connection to the rich architectural heritage of the surrounding area.

Through the lens of sliding windows, residents are presented with enchanting vistas that include the majestic Ararat mountain and the distinguished structure of the National Assembly of Armenia. Beyond offering breathtaking views, the building embraces a communal spirit through meticulously designed public spaces, skillfully merging the indoor and outdoor realms. Elevated ceilings bestow a touch of grandeur upon each residence, expertly harmonizing modern elegance with a respectful nod to cultural heritage.

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