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Astghi Blur Houses

Location: Yenokavan, Tavush Province, Armenia
Type: Residential/Private Houses
Appointment: 2023
Area: 70 sqm/each
Stories: 1
Materials: Limestone, rusted metal, bricks, textured glass, wooden decks
Status: Project

Perched gracefully on a tranquil hillside in Yenokavan, three identical one-floor houses, crafted from locally sourced limestone, exude charm and tranquility. The warm hues of the limestone seamlessly blend with the village landscape, offering a timeless aesthetic. These houses, sharing a pool, provide an oasis of relaxation with breathtaking vistas of rolling hills. The interiors boast an open layout, welcoming natural light and emphasizing a connection with nature. Positioned to capture the essence of Yenokavan, these residences offer a serene escape, harmonizing seamlessly with the village's character.

Named after Astghi Blur Castle (means Hill of the Star), a military structure 2 km northeast of Yenokavan village, on a hill. The Cyclopean fortress and the burial ground belong to the Early Iron Age (10th-5th centuries BC).

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