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11/4 Business Center

Location: Kentron District, Yerevan, Armenia
Type: Commercial Building
Client: TM Business Center LTD
Appointment: 2019
Start of Construction: 2023
Area: 12,100 sqm
Height: 59 m
Stories: 15
Materials: Basalt, black tufa, painted metal, wooden decks
Status: 🟡 Under Construction

Emerge into the epitome of corporate sophistication with this 15-story luxury business centre, proudly adorned in sleek black tuf stone. A striking embodiment of minimalist elegance, its thin, towering form is punctuated with subtle brutalist elements, creating a distinctive architectural identity.

Ascend through the building's heart via a panoramic elevator that unveils breathtaking vistas at every level, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetic pleasure. The very essence of contemporary design, this slender marvel not only represents a workspace but an iconic statement where modernity meets subtlety. Welcome to a space where the black tuf-clad exterior conceals a world of refined business luxury within.

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